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Foshan Branch Holds Commencement Ceremony for Dali Xinya Project

The commencement ceremony for the Dali Xinya project opened at 10:00 on the morning of August 30, 2018. The happy event was attended by senior officers, including Mr. Zhou Siyang, vice president of Times China Holdings Limited and general manager of the Foshan Branch, along with Mr. Zhang Huabin, Mr. Yu Yongguang, Mr. Luo Renzong, each of whom is a deputy general manager at the Foshan Branch.

The crowd stood in awe of the brightly colored flags and crackling fireworks as the ceremony began. The senior officers burned incense and cut roasted piglet, as is customary, to wish for the success and prosperity of the undertaking. Finally, with happiness and blessings, the guests shared the piglet and apples and received lucky money amid an atmosphere of great celebration. The ceremony concluded after a group picture of all the personnel and guests was taken.

·Senior officers cut piglet together

The Dali Xinya project is located on the west side of Guihe Highway, just across a river from the Financial Hi-Tech Zone. Guijiang Primary School and Nanhai Experimental Primary School are nearby, and new primary and junior high schools will be built in the vicinity, thus offering abundant educational facilities. Moreover, the project is close to National Fitness Park and just a five-minute drive from Qiandenghu Lake. Access is quick and convenient, thanks to the confluence of several main thoroughfares, including Haiba Road and Lianhe Road.

Times Property Foshan Branch will persevere in the effort toward land development in Foshan, doing so with an unwavering commitment to the greater brand influence and competitiveness of Times China in the region. In the process, the company will create a fulfilling environment and help more people live the lifestyle they are longing for.

·Group photo from the commencement ceremony of the Dali Xinya project