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Work Commencement Ceremony of Shigang Road Project of Times China Guangzhou Branch (South)

A ceremony in celebration of work commencement of the Shigang Road project of Times China Guangzhou Branch (South) was held on the morning of July 26, 2018. Group Vice President Lu Qing, along with General Manager Li Weihong and deputy general managers Huang Suiyong, Dong Yu and Wang Meng, each from Guangzhou Branch (South), witnessed the historic moment along with other colleagues.

The event began at 11:18 a.m. with an exhilarating lion dance and the crackling of poppers. Mr. Li Sheng, senior manager of Project Department, delivered a speech in which he described the future development plan of the project and expressed his determination to realize a benchmark project.

To declare the commencement of the project, Mr. Lu Qing, Ms. Li Weihong, Mr. Huang Suiyong, Mr. Dong Yu, Ms. Wang Meng and Mr. Li Sheng pushed the rod together, firing big poppers and sent confetti into the sky. It was an exciting climax for the ceremony.

Immediately after the ceremony, the guests burned incense to pray for blessings. Then, luscious food was shared by all. The senior executives then gave the guests red good-luck packets, expressing their wishes for a successful construction phase. Later, a group photo was taken to commemorate the successful conclusion of the ceremony.

The Shigang Road project, which recently launched on Shigang Road in Haizhu District, Guangzhou, is the last plot in Guangzhou that faces the southern bank of the Pearl River. The project will be another masterpiece of Times China, standing as a new definition of the luxury home. The project will help more people live the lifestyle they are longing for.