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The Good Life Starts Now. Times King City (Changsha) Phase III Is Delivered

Home is uniquely the place that inspires feelings of warmth and security. A good life is truly within reach when the long-expected happy home finally appears in front of us and waits for us to move in. After hundreds of days and nights of construction, followed by careful preparations, Times King City (Changsha) Phase III welcomed the new homeowners from July 27, 2018.

· Delivery site at Times King City (Changsha)

Comprehensive professional training to ensure the ultimate quality in service

Changsha Branch of Times China, in preparation for the first delivery in 2018, held professional training sessions, wherein all the staff members pledged to work together. Thus, they undertook all the details with dedication so that every owner could have the best possible experience at Times King City (Changsha).

· Group photo of the delivery team

The good life, just as you've wished for it

A sense of joy was evident as the owners arrived at the gate of Times King City (Changsha). When they walked into the residential area, a big "Welcome Home" banner immediately caught their eyes.

· Site of delivery

The delivery site was busy but not chaotic. From reception and procedures to home inspection and delivery, the whole process was in order. Everything was streamlined so that the owners could settle in as soon as possible.

· Delivery

A good life starts here and now

The owners were filled with happiness as they went to their new homes. The warm, elegant doors were opened for them.

· Owners receive their homes

The staff offered one-on-one home inspection service, reminding the owners of the details in home inspection and answering questions and prevent any difficulty. Only after the owners had checked all the inspection sites and signed the confirmation forms could the delivery process be deemed complete.

· Owners inspect homes

A lucky drawing was a highlight of the homecoming event. After all the owners received their homes, they took part, hoping for good luck. Many gifts were offered to lucky owners, such as a 55-inch LED TV, air purifier, Midea microwave oven and electric fan. The site was warm and full of laughter.

· Owners receive their prizes

Many owners highly commended Times China, and some of them even presented special banners, making the Times team feel warm and responsible at the same.

· Owners present banner

Delivery is not the end but is instead the beginning of a new life. In the future, Times King City (Changsha) will make every owner's life more convenient, comfortable and colorful by providing the most intimate service and perfect support facilities.