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More Progress by Times Neighborhood! Times China Jumps to No. 13 among China's Top 100 Property Management Companies

On May 24, 2019, the "2019 China Top 100 Property Management Companies Research Results Briefing & the 12th China Top 100 Property Management Entrepreneurs Summit" co-sponsored by the China Index Academy and the China Real Estate TOP10 Research Group was held in Beijing. As a result of the survey, Times Neighborhood won thirteenth place among Top 100 Property Management Companies in China, the title of an enterprise with leading management quality among the top 100 property management com companies, the title of five-star management communities (Laguna Garden (Guangzhou), Yijing Garden of Times King City (Qingyuan)), and the title of a leading enterprise among property-management companies with Chinese characteristics.

Ms. Xie Rao, vice general manager of Times Neighborhood, accepts the prize on behalf of the company

Award for the 2019 Top 100 Property Management Companies in China

The China Top 100 Property Management Companies Research was initiated by the China Index Academy in 2008, which has been held for 12 consecutive years. Its research results have become significant standards for judging the operation strength and industrial position of property-management companies.

With the theme of "innovation empowerment, value reshaping," the China Index Research Team, on top of the summary of the research experience in the past 12 years, has refined its methodology and assessed the comprehensive strengths of enterprises more objectively on all fronts.

Rapidly expanding service scale and new progress of the comprehensive strengths

As one of the core business segments of Times China, Times Neighborhood is a comprehensive, technological, global excellent life-service platform that brings together property services, intelligent buildings, financial operation, and research and development. Subsidiaries of Times Neighborhood include service companies such as Times Property Management, Dongkang Property Management and Wanning Property Management; a community-based O2O company called Times Neighborhood Network Technology; an engineering service called Neighborhood Intelligent Engineering; community finance and wealth-management companies, such as Jun'an Elevator and Times Credit & Financing; and Times Neighborhood Academy, a school that cultivates professional property management talents. By creating a comprehensive life-service platform, Times Neighborhood heralds a new expression of intelligence and convenience while providing all-round life services to cover residence, dining/catering, tourism, wealth management, culture, education, health and elderly care.

As the main business of Times Neighborhood, Guangzhou Times Property Management Co., Ltd. (Times Property Management) was founded in 1998. After 20 years of in-depth development and self-motivated innovation, Times Property Management has grown rapidly benefiting from its abundant industrial experience.

Times Neighborhood has provided millions of customers with high-quality property management covering mainstream residences, premium villas, premium residences, large-scale commercial complexes, grade-A office buildings, airports, schools, hospitals, governance office buildings, municipal sanitation, cultural venues, factories and industrial parks. Its scale of management has expanded, and its comprehensive strengths have been displayed.

Business types of Times Neighborhood

Improvement of high-quality service and creation of a leading enterprise among the top 100 property-management companies with satisfaction

Times Neighborhood, in 2018, redefined its corporate mission as "offering more people a better life." Then, it comprehensively defined service standards and improved service quality, required projects all across the country to pay attention to product and service details, and comprehensively improved the basic service quality with the strict requirements of "professionalism, accuracy, carefulness, strictness and quickness."

The community update can guarantee residence quality. Hence, Times has invested a large number of resources to improve the hardware amenities in old communities to guarantee the high-quality residential environment of owners. From the "property-management value-improvement project" to "do one more thing for owners every day", "happiness 1+1 quality improvement", and "special environmental improvement project in the beautiful era", whether it is customer service, safety management, engineering maintenance, park environment, reception etiquette, relief services, and disaster prevention, Times Property Management is committed to adapting each service to a different customer base. In 2018, Times Property Management initiated the "special environmental improvement project in the beautiful era" in order to deal with healthcare and environment-related problems from many perspectives and thereby create a five-star environment.

Comprehensive improvement of basic service quality

The one-stop intelligent community service platform opens the new mode of community service

In 2016, adapting to the industrial trend, Times Neighborhood explored the transformation and upgrade route vigorously and created the "Linlibang APP" life-service platform. The platform has output the comprehensive community solutions from the four dimensions of "people, possessions, property and management" and integrated the online and offline resources, making the sources of income grow through diversification. Meanwhile, the platform has joined hands with small and medium-size enterprises to help them achieve their goals of increased revenue, reduced costs and efficacy improvement. As of the end of 2018, Neighborhood took South China as the strategic development headquarters, precisely located community residents, covered thousands of communities on its APP with nearly a million registered users whose average liveliness was 50%, taking a leading position in the industry.

"Linlibang APP" life-service platform

Technical empowerment facilitates the comprehensive acceleration of "beautiful life"

Based on the big data platform, Times Neighborhood has created the fully intelligent "cool tech" products for community service sites and created a four-in-one community as an "intelligent platform" through online/offline intelligent instrumented systems. The first "national integrated control command platform" in the industry has fully integrated service demands into all kinds of customer data in order to achieve instant control of remote services and community control based on big data.

The platform is divided into four integration centers, namely data integration, template integration, operation integration, and decision-making integration. It is equipped with nine modules: the OQC quality inspection system, remote equipment management, customer service system, maintenance work order system, financial budget system, neighborhood operation, yard system, intelligent access control system, and equipment inspection system. Through instant feedback concerning on-site problems, automatic alert and maintenance work order system, problems are solved within ten minutes, achieving the end-to-end execution and integration of "identifying problems, solving problems," and saving at least 40% of the costs.

Nine management modules


Times Neighborhood, based on 20 years of experience in property management, has set up an excellent brand image by virtue of its excelsior service quality, providing strong drive for the future development of the company. Thus, the enterprise will deepen reform and innovation continuously, embrace technology, seize market opportunities, fully respect customer demands and experience, improve brand reputation continuously, further expand the business scale, improve the profitability and let more owners enjoy a beautiful life.