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Every Step Is a Step Forward: 2019 Dongguan Mass Hike for the Spring and Public Welfare Is a Success

On March 31, "Times China Advances with Friendly Dongguan: 2019 Dongguan Mass Hike for the Spring and Public Welfare," title-sponsored by Times China, was held. The activity was co-sponsored by Dongguan New Express Press and several long-distance chambers of commerce in Dongguan and attracted more than 5,000 hikers to participate. The atmosphere was fantastic, and the people present were as charitable as they were enthusiastic. Everyone present welcomed Dongguan's annual event as they prepared to trek through the charms of urban Dongguan. It was easy to sense the color and vitality of the urban environment.

·Gathering at the base camp

Times China Advances with Friendly Dongguan

The launch ceremony kicked off at 8:30 that morning. Mr. Yang Yingjie, head of the Dongguan bureau of New Express, presented Times China with a "compassion unit" plaque, and Mr. Shum Siu Hung, general manager of Times China Dongguan Branch, accepted the award on the stage and donated a "compassion" check to the organizer. Subsequently, Mr. Shen Shuiping, deputy general manager of Times China Dongguan Branch, presented "compassion unit" medals to the co-organizers.

·Mr. Shum Siu Hung, general manager of Times China Dongguan Branch, donated money on stage

·Mr. Shen Shuiping, deputy general manager of Times China Dongguan Branch, presented "compassion unit" medals to the co-organizers on the stage

Advance from the Beautiful Tongsha with Songs

The spring breeze was fresh, and the land was alight with sunshine. The sign-in area outside the Dongguan Tongsha Ecological Park was crowded with people, and the atmosphere at the scene was heightened by passionate, rhythmic singing.

·The participants setting off

At 9:40 a.m., with the sound of a whistle blown by an Olympic gold medalist, the 2019 Friendly Dongguan 18-Kilometer Hike set forth. Times China employees formed a large square array, all in good spirits and uniformly dressed. They passionately waved the flags in their hands, shouted "Times China Advances with Friendly Dongguan" to cheer and encourage for the hiking, and won the cheers for the citizens.

·Times China’s square array waves flags and sets out with the hiking group as they march forward amid the spring breeze

Love Makes the Heart Sparkle

This hiking covered a distance of 18 kilometers, with four supply stations on the way. Each supply station was like a dawn that encouraged the hiking participants to advance toward the next supply station. Early in the morning, volunteers from the Dongguan project team of the Guangdong Times Charity Foundation had prepared the supplies at the first checkpoint under a banner that proclaimed, "Times Foundation Station." They provided water supplies for the hike contestants, carefully affixed the exclusive seal of Times Foundation to the contestants' hiking memorial manuals, helped everyone complete the sign-in at the first station, and made the walk meaningful to every hiker. Additionally, there were cute dolls for photo opportunities and a lucky drawing with scratch cards at the supply station, which was full of surprises and  laughter. The Times Foundation also prepared a limited number of compassion scarves for inclusion in the lucky drawing, and all the winners smiled happily. Moreover, the other three supply stations prepared different surprises and interactive sessions. Custom waist-packs, sports kettles and other gifts proved to be great surprises. The full love and energy at the activity site could be felt by all.

·Volunteers with love in their hearts

Stride Toward the Destination with All Our Strength

After five kilometers, 10 kilometers and 15 kilometers, the sense of exertion set in and the pace slowed.

Each step forward was to push one's personal limit. The crowd persisted despite the sweat and weary feet.

Finally, as the first contestant passed the finish line, the activity gradually went toward the end. Everyone applauded spontaneously for those who arrived at the destination. What a meaningful and fruitful day.

·Persevering hikers who struggled to reach the finish line

The finish line is just a marker. What matters is what you saw, what you heard and what you got along the way. Times China Dongguan Branch hoped that this activity can inject fresh vibrancy into the fast-paced urban life, spread more public welfare concepts to the society, and call on more people to join in public welfare activities.