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Guangdong Real Estate Chamber of Commerce Holds Fourth Presidential Meeting to Implement Real Estate Policy in the Spirit of "Two Sessions"

The Guangdong Real Estate Chamber of Commerce held the fourth presidential meeting at Guangzhou's W Hotel on March 30 in order to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the important speech made by General Secretary Xi during the deliberation of the Guangdong delegation in the national "two sessions" and the policies related to real estate in the document "Report on the Work of the Government." The leadership of the chamber gathered to discuss plans for the industry's course of development. Among those in attendance was Executive Chairman of the Guangdong Real Estate Chamber of Commerce Shum Chiu Hung, who is also the chairman of Times China.

The attendees examined and approved the chamber's tenth yearly action plan, discussed the possibility of constructing a building for the Guangdong Real Estate Chamber of Commerce, listened to the details of progress in the development of the Yuediyun platform, fielded comments and suggestions from participating entrepreneurs on the work of the chamber, and conveyed the ten major industry-related issues in the government report of the national two sessions on steadily advancing real-estate tax legislation, solidifying the position of "housing for living instead of price raising," promoting rentals and purchases, increasing public rental housing support, advancing the transformation of "villages in cities," implementing the residence permit system; exploring the basic reforms with respect to housing, strengthening coordination with financial regulation, increasing the management fees for intermediary services, and enacting development plans for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Mr. Shum Chiu Hung delivered a speech in which he expressed the hope that the Guangdong Real Estate Chamber of Commerce would give full play to the role of bridges and bonds, encourage effective communication between enterprises and the government, and promote the real-estate industry's healthy development.

The participating entrepreneurs held in-depth discussions regarding the current situation facing the real-estate industry. The consensus was that, amid a critical period of industry differentiation and transformation, real-estate entrepreneurs should remain confident as they demonstrate conformity with the policy orientation, steadily implement development strategies, increase their core competitiveness, strengthen industry ties, form joint development forces and promote long-term healthy development of the industry in order to make a positive contribution to the nation's economic growth.