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Shaxi Global Fashion Town, the First Characteristic Town in Zhongshan of the Times Industry, Is Launched

The launch ceremony of Shaxi Global Fashion Town, the first characteristic town in Zhongshan of the Times Industry Group, was held on September 1 at the Mark Cheung Building, Fashion Creative Town, Shaxi, in Zhongshan. The event was jointly sponsored by the People's Government of Shaxi Town, Zhongshan, and the Times Industry Group.

·Launch ceremony for Shaxi Global Fashion Town

The event was officiated by Mr. Davide Rampello, president of the Italy-China Federation; Ms. Liang Lixian, member of the Standing Committee of Zhongshan CPC Committee and minister of the United Front Work Department in Zhongshan; Mr. Guan Jianhui, executive director and vice-president of Times Property Holdings Limited; and Mr. Wen Weige, secretary of the CPC Committee of Shaxi Town. More than 200 political and business representatives, representatives from home and abroad witnessed the ceremony.

Shaxi Global Fashion Town has started, and national platforms and enterprises throughout China have entered

Shaxi Global Fashion Town is one of the first 18 characteristic towns in Zhongshan in addition to being the first characteristic town project of the Times Industry Group in Zhongshan. Relying on the transformation and upgrading of the textile and garment industry, the town implements the integrated development and sustainable operation of "Characteristic Industry - Urban Renewal - Cultural Tourism Operation," and create the International Fashion Center in the Greater Bay Area deeply integrated "industry, urban amenities, humanity and culture" through technological innovation, talent aggregation, capital operation and other means.

·The personal works show of Yang Shan who is the "Top Ten Fashion Designer of Guangdong"

Fashion Creative Town is the demonstration zone for the entire characteristic town, with a reconstruction area encompassing more than 70,000 square meters. The historically significant Mark Cheung Building represents the phase-I project. Thus, the launch ceremony for Shaxi Global Fashion Town attracted the attention of fashion circles, textile associations, garment enterprises and other circles.

·The inauguration ceremony of three national joint construction service-platforms: the Chinese Costume Designer (Casual Wearing) Creation Base, China Garment Printing R&D Center and Zhongshan Branch of National Textile Fabrics Museum

The unveiling of such three national joint construction service-platforms--the Chinese Costume Designer (Casual Wearing) Creation Base, China Garment Printing R&D Center and Zhongshan Branch of National Textile Fabrics Museum--at the ceremony heralded top-notch service in the development of Shanxi Global Fashion Town.

·The signing ceremony of the first group of settled enterprises

Eight enterprises--GD Jeans Club, Chinese Suit, Tonvex Garment, Bongwer Garment, Jubang Technology Group, Junyi Clothing, Shangdao Clothing and Muxu Clothing--were first to move into the demonstration zone, which will become the fashion launch center to lead the trend and thereby attract more clothing enterprises.

·Mr. Kuang Huoyuan, president of Shaxi Garment Industry Association of Zhongshan and chairman of Bongwer Garment reads the proposal for exhibits collection

The Longdu Clothing Historical and Cultural Exhibition Hall will be set up in the Fashion Creative Town of Shaxi Global Fashion Town, showing years of brilliant achievements in the textile and garment industry of Shaxi.

Striving to build the center of fashion in the Greater Bay Area by pooling top-level resources at home and abroad

Shaxi Global Fashion Town is located in Shaxi Town, the center of Zhongshan. It has the garment industry as an historical foundation, but there are also some problems such as that industry's low added value of industry and the minimal cohesive force of talent.

Times Industry Group released the strategy of "Times Smart Town" in December 2016. The Times Smart Town concept, featuring vibrancy, self-sustaining ecosystem, intelligence, low-carbon footprint and value-creation partners, has been recognized by citizens in all walks of life. Early in 2017, the Times Industry Group joined hands with the People's Government of Shaxi in Zhongshan to explore the development path of Shaxi characteristic town in Zhongshan.

·Aero view of Shaxi Global Fashion Town

Shaxi Global Fashion Town is a small town with five features: "taste, internal quality, vitality, creativity and charm." Times Industry Group will partner with the government to continue the flow of resources into the town and will inject international fashion elements into the traditional Longdu culture in Shaxi so that it can become the center of fashion for the Greater Bay Area.

The town has a composite functional layout in which the general plan consists of "one heart, two axes and four clusters." It will be developed as an international fashion center constituting a vertical axis of fashion design and a lateral axis of industrial synergy so as to create an international quality brand cluster, an international design and education cluster, the Phoenix Mountain ecological leisure cluster and an international-living community cluster. As for its architectural style, the town will have, as its basis, the local Longdu culture and ancient Datong villages but will integrate fashion elements into the property design and focus on integrating Phoenix Mountain with the core of the town's functional pattern. Additionally, Times Industry Group will introduce international top-level fashion resources, build a variety of core engines of the fashion industry in the town and maximize the town's vitality so as to encourage an attitude of happiness in work and life.

·Mr. Liang Xiongwen, general manager of the Times IndustryGroup, introduces the industrial planning and highlights of Shaxi GlobalFashion Town

Mr. Liang Xiongwen, general manager ofthe Times Industry Group, said the Times Industry Group will focus on the cultivationof high-quality enterprises and talent training in Shaxi, whereby it will introducefunctional elements of the fashion industry for the town with industryassociations and international fashion as resources. Currently, Times IndustryGroup has connected Italian design, education, exhibition, branding and otherItalian resources through the Italy-China Federation so as to build a connectionand cooperation platform for international resources and create a "centerof fashion in the Greater Bay Area," which will become an importantpowerhouse of regional industrial upgrading and leading benchmark for theimprovement of urban functionality.

·The delegation communicates with the town mayor and designer of Centergross Town in Italy

·Times Industry, Italy-China Federation, Shaxi Town and Istituto Europeo di Design (from left to right) signed the agreement to jointly operate schools in China in the future

Focus on urban renewal, Times Industry Group explores the new path of industrial development

In the process of exploring the development of "Times Smart Town," the Times Industry Group realized that the industry's development should focus on the existing land and stock property. This would be done by giving full play to the function of the existing property on the basis of respecting the existing property and environmental situation, promoting the land and property value to the maximum extent through urban renovation, and exploring the modes of cooperation while seeking value creation together with the land owner.

Currently, land development in Shaxi is intensive and the property status is complicated. The construction and operation of the town cannot be separated from the processes of land consolidation and property-renewal construction. Therefore, Times Industry Group will assume the role of a city operator, explore the value sharing of the land-development model with the government, village collective and land owners, escort the systematic planning development of Global Fashion Town, introduce the industry into the town in a down-to-earth way, and promote the prosperity of the town and its industry.

Mr. Liang Xiongwen explained that Shaxi Global Fashion Town is the first project launched by the Times Industry Group in Zhongshan. In the future, the Group will develop more Times Smart Towns, starting from the Pearl River Delta and extending outward to Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, the Yangtze River Delta and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Focusing on urban renewal, Times Industry will explore a new path of industrial development and promote industrial upgrading.

· Group photo of important guests at the launch ceremony of Shaxi Global Fashion Town

Times Industry Group

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