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Deconstruction Primary School

Deconstruction Primary School is located at the piedmont of Baiyun Mountain, adjacent to Deconstruction. The school, which was founded inSeptember 2004, is a publicly owned, privately operated primary school solely funded by Time Education. The school encompasses 10,022 square meters, with a floor area of 10,005 square meters and 24 classrooms. The school adheres to the philosophy of "Carrying Forward the Culture of Knowledge and Action, and Cultivating Qualified Students of the Times." It is committed to cultivating students with "excellent morality, high intelligence, physical and psychological health, and lively personality."

Deconstruction Primary School has won more than 30 titles and awards, including designations as a Guangzhou Grade A School and a Guangzhou Cantonese Opera Traditional Education Characteristic School. Equally important is the recognition accorded by local education authorities and parents.

112 Huixian Street, North Huangbian Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou