Introduction of Guangzhou Times Property Charity Foundation

The Times Foundation, one of the earliest charities founded by China's real estate enterprises, was initiated and established in 2003 by Mr. Shum Chiuhung, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Times China. The chairman of the Board is the philanthropist Ms. Li Yiping.

Ever since the Foundation has all been adhering to the mission of " Helping more people live the lifestyle they are longing for" and is committed itself to become the most influential foundation in the world. To this end, the Foundation has made great efforts in many fields such as education, art, healthcare, poverty alleviation and disaster relief. Over the past fifteen years, the Foundation has accumulatively contributed more than RMB800 million in donations and participated more than 800 charitable activities. The cumulative number of direct beneficiaries exceeded 500,000.

In the field of education, the Times Foundation has, in response to the national innovation-driven development strategy plan and to that of Guangdong Province, rendered support to Sun Yat-sen University, helping to promote the construction of the University into a world first-class university. The Foundation has donated 100 million yuan for the establishment of the Sun Yat-sen University Development Fund, which will serve to facilitate the development of the two modules of "Scientific Research & Education" and "Medical and Health Care".

In the field of art, the Times Foundation is committed to promoting the execution and development of contemporary art, helping to build a multiculturally inclusive city and a civilized society. In 2010, a non-profitable public art gallery, viz., the Guangdong Times Art Gallery, was officially established.

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Times Museum

"The Times Branch of the Guangdong Museum ofArt," founded by Times Property in cooperation with Guangdong Museum ofArt, opened its doors to the public at a temporary venue of Deconstruction(Guangzhou) Community on September 29, 2003. In the 2005 Second GuangzhouTriennial "D-Lab" project, the design firms of Rem Koolhaas and AlanFouraux were invited by the curator, Mr. Hou Hanru, to create a permanentbuilding for the gallery, which was ultimately completed in September 2010.

Times Property terminated its partnership withGuangdong Museum of Art in 2010 and formally established the Guangdong TimesMuseum. Registered as a nonprofit organization (private nonprofit organization)with Guangdong Bureau of Civil Organization Administration in October 2010,Guangdong Times Museum was opened to the public on December 31, 2010.

Throughout the process of conceptualization, designand completion, the museum has reflected the unique social, economic andcultural environment of the Pearl River Delta. It's a special case in theurbanization process of South China.

The museum is architecturally designed in a verydistinctive style. Its different functional spaces are located on differentfloors of a typical residential building and connected through a piece ofindependent transport equipment. Its embedded structure is elaborately designedto directly interconnect art and life with the living space.

The entrance on the first floor of Guangdong TimesMuseum faces North Huangbian Road; an independent project space is provided forthe public for free; behind the reception desk are a café and an art gift shop;within the lobby is a public project space where various public activities canbe held. The office area on the fourteenth floor is converted from threeresidential units. The museum's designated elevator goes straight through theresidential building to the exhibition hall on the nineteenth floor. From theterrace and two glass pavilions one can overlook the city landscape of northernGuangzhou. The top of the residential community simply becomes a part of themuseum's visual elements. The basement is used for storing the museum's devicesand archives.

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